2022 Day 15 – Things I’d Rather Do Than Watch Cricket

I’d rather knit spaghetti with a spoon
Or pet a werewolf under the full moon.
I’d even rather get up with the lark
Than watch a game of cricket in the park.
I’d rather catalogue my bead collection
Or line up tiny ducks for an inspection;
I’d rather chase a bunny through a thicket
In high heeled shoes than watch a game of cricket.
I’d rather suck a lemon for an hour
Or dance across the glass in Blackpool Tower,
Eat custard that’s entirely made of lumps,
Than watch a bowler aiming at the stumps.
I’d rather read a phrasebook, every word,
Or wear a wig that makes me look absurd
Than risk an outbreak of the screaming ooglies
When commentators talk of bowling googlies.
In short, my friend, you’ll find there’s a plethora
Of things to do I’d find much less a bore, a
Multiplicity of choices. Quick! It
‘s time to change the channel and miss the cricket!

Notes: The prompt was ‘Today I’d like to challenge you to write a poem about something you have absolutely no interest in.’ I could have made this about football (or golf or basketball or hockey or…) but cricket worked well for the rhymes.

11 responses

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  2. Cricket is a hard game to focus on – it takes so long. I feel the same way about all sport, especially when it’s on the television. I already get up with the lark, so petting a werewolf or wearing an absurd wig would be fine by me.

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