2017 Day 27 – Spice Jars

Whole coriander seeds –
Their citrus burst reminds me
Of your curries.

Garlic’s pungent bite –
The hummus I made for
Long ago parties.

Ginger – Dad’s chocolates,
Fiery but wrapped in sweetness.
A rare treat.

Star anise – liquorice,
Chinese food cooking Christmas Eve,
Presents still unwrapped.

Dill – battered pickle,
Laughter at a wooden table
A world away.


Notes: the prompt was to write about the memories evoked by taste. I’ve written a little spicy concoction of Collom lunes.

2016 Day 1 -Fool lunes

The fool on the hill
Loved valley girl.
He fell for her hard.

You can fool me once
Or maybe twice.
Third time is the charm.

Chasing butterflies, Fool steps out
Over cliff’s edge,
Still dreams as he falls.

We play the part assigned,
Fool or Cordelia.
We’ll be hanged either way.

Note: the prompt was to write a lune or series of lunes. I’ve used the word count variant (5-3-5) and a theme appropriate to the date!

2014 Day 5 Lunar Lunes

The hunter’s bow
Shines like a maiden’s eyes
Seeing her prey.

The round moon –
Ripe as a mother’s breasts,
Pale as milk.

Curved with age,
Crone moon rides the sky,
Wise and inscrutable.

Her hidden face,
Known only by an absence,
Is also beautiful.


Note: today’s prompt was to write a lune (a sort of English-language variation on the haiku, using word count – 3,5,3 – ¬†instead of syllable count) or a series of lunes.