2020 Day 21 – She Rests

She rests
On a pedestal of music –
Changing shape with the wind –
But her escape
Seems emptied of longing,
Hypnotised, seems glass,
And, companion, her heart
Dares to breathe as
Death reveals
Secrets and souls.


Notes: The prompt was to write a  “homophonic translation”  of a poem in a language you don’t know. I can recognise the odd word-derivation in Portuguese but I didn’t really have any idea what this poem was about!

I didn’t notice the link to the Poetry International archive until after I’d written this, so there may be another poem later.

2020 Day 20 – Through the Butterfly Door

The sunlight kisses butterflies, revealing
Door to escape from lockdown fear
Into – not safety, but at least a different place.
The butterflies can cross the dark concealing
The path of flight that leads me out of here,
Sun-trail of butterflies from you to me
Painted in light and love, another space.
I touch the door. The words escape: “Be free.”


Notes: Two prompts: “write a poem about a handmade or homemade gift that you have received”, and “out of reach”.  Inspired by a painting a friend sent me years ago (and mentioned in yesterday’s poem too!). The form is a san san, the repeated words/concepts sunlight, butterflies, escape.

2020 Day 19 – Lockdown Ramble

Look what I’ve found:
Fox, gloves
(Gloves the colour of a fox),
Bed socks,
Jewelled box,
Jaded Buddha hangs around.
Butterfly door
Leads who knows where?
I’ll let you know when I get there.
Yarn Kitty, soft kitty, with green eyes,
Old mail,
Stretchy band for exercise.
A book of butchered nursery rhymes.
Skull beads, rhino herd,
Stamping block, wooden bird,
Science fiction, poems, crime.
Small metal tin of rich hand cream.
Dried yellow rose, a snarling rat,
A jaunty silver-sequinned hat,
A bed to rest, a place to dream.


Notes: The prompt was to write a poem inspired by a ‘walking archive’ of objects. I didn’t need to walk further than my bedroom for this miscellaneous collection.

2020 Day 18 – Unfiltered

No lens or filter
Spring blossom shows its colours
Transient, precious.


Notes: The prompt was to write an ode to small pleasures. I might write an actual ode later, but this haiku was inspired by the rediscovered pleasure of looking at nature without automatically reaching for my phone to photograph it.

2020 Day 17 – Dot, Fading

The white light means it’s time to go
To bed. Playtime’s long over, now.
Nothing remains except the hiss of snow.

We were contented with the status quo;
We didn’t think that it would end, somehow.
The white light means it’s time to go.

We watched each other’s faces in the glow
Of flickering images. Of our vow
Nothing remains except the hiss of snow.

It all seemed black and white then. Now we know
It’s not so simple. Time to take a bow.
The white light means it’s time to go.

We thought we had a choice to make, although
We took the only choices they’d allow.
Nothing remains except the hiss of snow.

When all is said, we put on quite a show –
Not perfect, but it played out anyhow.
The white light means it’s time to go.
Nothing remains except the hiss of snow.


Notes: The prompt was to write a poem that features forgotten technology.

2020 Day 16 – Luminous

More brilliant than a supernova – your heart hid galaxies.
You made the universe seem small; it was too small to hold you,
Space, time split open and you left us. Now the universe weeps stars.


Notes: Again a poem inspired by two prompts – the NaPoWriMo prompt to “write a poem of over-the-top compliments. Pick a person, place, or thing you love, and praise it in the most effusive way you can.” and a prompt from a NaPoWriMo support group to write a sijo , which is a new form to me,

2020 Day 15 – What The Music Told Me

Run for your life.
Someday you’ll return.
I won’t give chase,
Chase you with a rolling pin.
You cried for the moon.
Can’t take it anymore –
You’re headed back down that track.
Well, I argued all night,
Barefoot and cold,
My sins my own;
Shut reason out,
Our bold resolve and prayer.
You’ve got to fight for every dream.
One day I’ll walk in flowers.
I cannot always find my way
to where you are.

Notes: The prompt was to “write a poem inspired by your favorite kind of music”. The music I like is such a mixture of styles and artists that I decided to write a sort of ‘found poem’ by taking one line or phrase from each of the first 15 songs by different artists which came up randomly on my iPod. (Guesses as to the songs encouraged!)

2020 Day 14 – Cleri-Muse

Dylan Thomas
Inspired a word-struck teenager with promise.
Such a shame the whisky he drank
Bumped him off before I could say thanks.

Sylvia Plath
Was a light on my poetic path
Which is why I refused
To read anything written by Ted Hughes.

e e cummings’
Collected Poems got so many thumbings.
It was a revelation
To see the things he did with punctuation.

Gerard Manley Hopkins
Taught me something of Catholic doctrine.
I was more in tune with him
When he showed me the joys of sprung rhythm.

William Butler Yeats
Was of course one of Ireland’s greats.
I always felt
A connection with my fellow Celt.

Dorothy Parker’s
Verse I found funny, her stories darker,
But interacting with humanity more,
I discovered her humour’s deeper core,

Robert Graves
To the White Goddess declared himself enslaved.
I make no apology
For stealing his use of mythology.

Adrian Mitchell
Showed me poetry could be quite simple
And that it was tosh
To think poets all had to sound posh.

Rosie Lugosi
Inspired me with vampiric poesy.
As Rosie Garland (less scary and gory)
She produces some quite splendid stories.

Cathy Bryant
Without being the least bit a tyrant
Pushed me into performing –
Her own work’s clever, funny and charming.

More poets than named
For my poeting must share some blame –
So many by whom I’ve been inspired.
I’d try to list them all, but I’m tired!


Notes: The prompt was to “write a poem that deals with the poems, poets, and other people who inspired you to write poems”. I haven’t written any clerihews so far this year, so…

2020 Day 13 – Things I Stole, In Short

I stole some gum when I was eight.
I stole a chip from my friend’s plate.
I stole your time and made you wait.

I stole these things and I don’t care.
I stole a hug from your stuffed bear,
I stole some silk to tie your hair.

I stole the ripe fruit from the tree.
I stole a glance. What did I see?
I saw you steal a glance at me.

I stole a kiss, and it was fine.
I stole a sip of red, red wine.
I stole your heart – or did you steal mine?


Notes: The NaPoWriMo.net prompt was to “write a non-apology for the things you’ve stolen”. I combined this with a prompt from a friend earlier this month to write a monosyllabic poem.

2020 Day 12 – Nearly

There was a line I nearly wrote
But life got in the way again.
I should have left myself a note.
There was a line I nearly wrote –
It would have made a brilliant quote.
Profound and striking, and yet plain –
That was the line I nearly wrote
Till life got in the way again.


Notes: The prompt was to write a triolet. I had a brilliant first line in my head. Then I went to make a cup of tea…