2020 Day 26 – Almanac

There will be
Deceptively cheerful blue skies.
Try not to be deceived.
A dried rose
Is a reminder of things unfinished.
The rooms are too small
For the space I take up.
They shrink daily.
It is no longer the custom in these parts
To touch strangers. Or friends.
The dead pigeon on the cycle path
Is still there.
It has been a week now.
We take nothing from this place.
The writing on the wall
Is illegible.
I do not think I want to read it yet.
Ghosts of past loves
Whisper louder at twilight.
We agreed to keep silent
But we know what silence means.
Wear a mask at all times,
Even when alone.
It may help.
When the river flooded,
She rescued the puppies.
There are no floods predicted.
What is the road to normality?
You will probably never read this,
But I needed to write it.
The flowers turn to owl and shadow.
Don’t tell the children –
It will give them nightmares.
There is nowhere to walk now.
It is unsafe.
Past the edges of my view
I hear laughter.
I fear the invisible.

Notes: The prompt was to write a poem based on my responses to an ‘Almanac Questionnaire’ – I included most of them in some way.

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