2019 Day 23 – Crabbed

Crabs are found in every ocean in the world,
In salt water and fresh.
I am an ocean of unshed tears.
The articulation of a crab’s legs
Makes it easier for it to walk sideways
Than straight ahead.
You scuttled sideways to invade me,
Coming at me from a direction
I never suspected.
When crabs moult
They crack their shells along a line of weakness.
I was weakest
Where I thought I was strongest:
I never expected to crack.
Crabs are omnivorous.
Given half a chance
You will devour me.
I will not give you half a chance.
Those under the sign of the crab
Are sometimes called Moon children.
I am not moon-struck
And not a child to be afraid of names.


Notes: “I’d like to challenge you today to write a poem about an animal. “

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