2018 Day 30 – Trivial Musings

Horses have feathers
But they still aren’t birds.
An ostrich has never
Run the Grand National.

Toilets, they say,
Flush in E flat.
Imagine a porcelain orchestra
Playing Beethoven’s Third.

The lobster aspires
To aristocracy.
At dinner parties he boasts
Of his blue blood.

The world’s oldest known spider
Died an unnatural death
At forty three.
Too soon, my eight legged friend.

French kissing uses 25 muscles.
English kissing is more sedate
And less strenuous,
Burns fewer calories.

Telephones ring in 5-time.
Delphic hymns used 5-time too,
I know which I’d prefer to hear
In the small hours.

The platypus has poisonous feet
But only
(And this comes as no surprise)
The male of the species.


Notes: The prompt was to write a poem that engages with a strange and fascinating fact. I asked my Facebook friends for the weirdest facts they knew, and used all their suggestions.

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