2018 Day 28 – Blank Postcard, Never Sent

This postcard comes from a place where I have never been. I have never been here, but I needed to send this postcard. I needed, specifically, to send it to you. You would like it here, I think. You want to know about the weather, the weather which is not touching me, you want me to tell you of the towers I have not climbed, to echo the unheard accents in the unwalked streets. You want me to describe the way the sun sets over an unvisited lake. There will be further postcards. Be patient. I wish you could have shared my non-existent journey here, through phantom seas lively with mermaids and sea-serpents, over ghosts of mountains my feet never touched. It took longer than you would dream. It took longer than I could dream. It took my dreams and turned them upside down. Take my upside down dreams and travel with me. I wish you were here. I wish I were here, too.


Notes: Today’s prompt was to draft a prose poem in the form/style of a postcard. I don’t think I’ve ever deliberately written a prose poem before, so be kind to me!


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