2018 Day 15 – Darth Vader Plays The Keyboard

vader.jpgDarth Vader plays the keyboard at the top of Market Street.
You can see him almost every Sunday of the year
Playing electronic music that is always quite upbeat,
And in no way a medley of terror, death and fear.

It’s a break from crushing rebels, and he seems to like the gig
Though you’d have to have more guts than me to actually ask.
The tourists take his picture. He doesn’t seem to give a fig
But you can’t read his expression – does he smile behind his mask?

I know he’s done some awful things, and yet he makes me grin
(Though if he blew up my planet, I guess I’d feel a chump).
While his behaviour’s gone downhill since he was Anakin
There’s this to say for Vader: he’s still not Donald Trump.


Notes: Gone slightly astray from the prompt (writing a poem in which a villain faces an unfortunate situation, and is revealed to be human but still evil), as I forgot about the unfortunate situation part. But based on a true story…

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