2018 Day 1 – I’ll Do It Later

‘I’ll do it later.’ What’s that sound?
The whoosh of deadlines rushing by.
I never meant it as a lie
But time goes faster than I planned
And life is full of fine distractions,
Temptations to inaction.
I’ll do it later.
I swear I put it on the list –
The list I lost.
Take that look off your face.
I know I left the list in a safe place.
I’ll find it when I’m looking
For a book I promised to a friend,
Inside a letter I meant to send
With love five years ago.
I know
I’ll regret it later
If I put this off until tomorrow
But I could borrow
An hour or two from sleep tonight…
I’ve played that game before:
‘Just a quick nap’ and then I’m snoring,
Wake late for work tomorrow morning
With nothing done.
I’ll do it later –
Unless fate or something shiny
Gets in the way.
Meanwhile, today
I need a strong line, see,
To finish this verse,
Something clever and terse…
I’ll think of one later.


Notes: The prompt was to write a poem that is based on a secret shame, or a secret pleasure. Procrastination is a bit of both for me (though maybe not that secret if you know me!)

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