2017 Day 30 – Rinse and Repeat

Another load of washing on the go,
A single sock swims in and out of view.
(Where did the other go? Who knows?)

Rinse and repeat.

The sun comes up each day and sets each night.
I wake and sleep, I wake and sleep again,
Following earth’s journey, light to dark to light.

Rinse and repeat.

Bus ride to work, by the familiar route.
Hours later, home – same bus,
Same noise, same smells, same men in business suits.

Rinse and repeat.

Each year another birthday. Sometimes cake,
Usually presents, but not too much fuss.
(December babies don’t get parties. Them’s the breaks.)

Rinse and repeat.

Another load of washing. Day by day
The chores repeat, the patterns carry on,
Circle through sleep and waking, work and play.

Rinse and repeat.

Spin cycle.



Notes: The prompt was to write about something that keeps happening again and again.

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