2017 Day 26 – Ballot Box

We’ll soon have cleared this attic.
It really was a sin
To leave it full of rubbish,
And not fit some families in.
I suppose we ought to check this box
Before we chuck it out.
There might be something worth a look…
Oh, what’s all this about?
A bunch of papers: ‘Vote for me!’
‘Better housing, better health’
‘Less tax!’ ‘More freedom’ ‘Yes, we can’
‘Tax the rich and share the wealth’
Election manifestos?
Political campaigns?
I’ve heard about that sort of stuff.
It must have been a pain
To read through all those promises
And try to make a choice.
Thank goodness all the people now
Can speak with just one voice:
The voice of the High President,
The planet’s blessed ruler,
Whose brain will guide us evermore
From its presidential cooler.
These relics of an ancient rite
Aren’t worth a second look.
Who needs democracy? Not us.
We’ll burn these with the books.


Notes: Today’s prompt was to look at something from the point of view of a future scientist or archaeologist. But what if the future is one where scientists and archaeologists wouldn’t flourish? Then we’re left with the house clearance crew…

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