2017 Day 16 – Excuse Note

Dear Muse,
Excuse the bearer
From poetry today.
Her brain’s got a case of writer’s cramp
And her metre’s gone astray.
She’s having trouble with her feet
When she moves away from prose:
Her iambs look like dactyls
And her dactyls look like toes.
She’s had her fill of villanelles,
The lines just keep repeating,
And haiku gives her hiccups
(Though it’s very good for tweeting).
Last night she took two sonnets
Before she went to bed
But a dodgy terza rima
Left her with an aching head.
Alliteration leaves her listless,
Lying limp and small.
Her similes are like a thing
That’s not like the thing at all.
She really needs a line break
From the art of crafting verse.
She’ll be back on form tomorrow.

The Poet’s Nurse.


Notes: The prompt was to write a poem inspired by the act of letter-writing 🙂

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