2017 Day 7 – Travelling lucky

When you begin your journey
Take no maps.
Maps will prove useless.
Trust yourself to chance.
Roll dice.
Roll the bones.
Snake eyes tells you
To follow the path of the serpent,
Sinuous, through the mountains.
Next, observe the flight of the crows
Black against a darkening sky.
Follow, crow-straight, until night falls.
In the embers of your campfire,
Just before sleep overtakes you
You will see
The direction of travel.
Confirm it,
If you are in any doubt,
With the angle of the constellations
As they meet the horizon.
At dawn
Take a card at random
From the tattered deck.
The ruined tower
Echoes the story written
In the lines of your palm.
Standing at last at the crossroads,
Flip a coin,
Turn around three times, for luck,
And toss a straw into the wind.
Your heart will tell you
Which way it will fall.


Notes: The prompt was to write a poem about luck and fortuitousness.


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