2017 Day 6 – Many Waters

Watering plants is tricky –
too much, too little kills.
Like love.

Marvellous poems conceived in the shower
flush down the plughole
with the soapy water.

Seeing my face reflected in water
I look into my own eyes
and I drown.

The song of water to rock:
“I will persist.
I will endure.
I will outlast you.”

The song of rock to water:
“I will let you shape me,
but slowly, slowly.
We have centuries.”

A silent world.

The cat’s tongue –
a pink flicker
lapping water
from a steel bowl.

One drop of salt water.
This is the last tear
I will cry for you.

Water on the boil.
A nice cup of tea
will fix everything.

Hey, gargoyles –
did nobody tell you
to take more water with it?
You’re spouting nonsense

Crossing the water
they sought a refuge.
Too many,
all lost.


Notes: The prompt was to write a poem that looks at the same thing from various points of view.


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