2017 Day 4 – Despite

She watches all,
tells nothing,
her smile enigmatic,
(love touched those lips once)
while we dream,
half broken,
asleep in each other’s arms.
In midnight terrors
the exiles wake.
Dark covers them,
hours before daylight,
with fragile comforts
(half-words, half-kisses,
whispered reassurances,
low murmured lullabies)
as with a blanket.
Earth trembles,
stirs, troubled by their fear.
In the thick woods,
her fur frost-tipped,
winter fox hunts.
Sleep now, beloved,
and wait till dawn
puts fears to flight.
Out of the soft
grass-pillowed nights
and lonely hours
flowers reach heavenward
despite the dark.
The lovers look on.
Snow blesses them.
Despite the fear, we dare
the fragile heights.
Falling, we dream.
Snow covers us.


Notes: I’ve not used today’s prompt for this – I may try that later. Instead I’ve written a ‘golden shovel’ using ‘She tells her love’ by Robert Graves (one of my favourite poems).

Later note – oops, it’s not a golden shovel  – that uses the words of the original poem as *end* words. *blush*


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