2016 Day 29 – Lacunae

My memory is a filing system
Organised by the work-experience girl
On a Friday afternoon in the winter
With the lights on the blink
And her best mate texting every five minutes.
Some things are more or less where they should be:
Poetry, mostly, and Bible verses
And the lyrics of ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’.
Others are buried in the wrong drawer
(Probably, though some may have been
Recycled, or used to mop up spilled coffee).
I remember my auntie grieving over my long hair,
Cut short in my fifteenth year,
But I don’t remember when
My first grey hair appeared.
I remember pink satin trousers –
Size 10, I was so thrilled to fit into them –
But I don’t remember when
I stopped caring what size the label said.
I remember the holiday sunshine days
Running on the sand dunes,
And the exact feel of caterpillars on my hand
But I forget what we did when it rained
Apart from endless games of Monopoly.
Proper nouns are the worst.
I scrabble for the right one,
Reciting an alphabet in my head,
Hoping to match initials to a familiar pattern.
Sometimes it works. Sometimes not.
I have learned strategies, evasions.
I live with it, but I wish I remembered
All their names.

Notes: The prompt was to write a poem based on things I remember. Somehow, what I forget seemed more important.

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