2016 Day 23 – Seven of Cups

Our judgement blurred by lack of temperance
We scorned the devil and the fallen star.
Our coin was kisses and our speech a dance.
Our dreams of power outgrew our strength by far.
We looked like emperors upon the world,
Laughed at the fool who said that it would end,
Ignored the hermit’s word, the snake that coiled
Around the wine cup proferred by a friend.
The blind magician told us death was hard;
We rode the sun until our chariot burned.
The priestess smiled and dealt another card –
The Seven of Swords. The wheel of fortune turned.
The moon looks sadly in the midnight hour
Upon two lovers in a ruined tower.


Notes: The prompt was to write a sonnet. In metre and rhyme scheme this is a Shakespearean sonnet, but doesn’t really have the question and resolution typical of a sonnet. Seven of Cups indicates fantasy and wishful thinking, Seven of Swords betrayal and deception.


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