2016 Day 18 -Talking Tidy

The Rhondda? Aye, I used to live by ‘ere
Before I went to live by there, mun.
Just over the tump from Mamgu’s house,
Her garden ripe with goosegogs.
Mam used to catch my hand
Crossing this road to the Bracchi’s
When I was just a dwt.
Everyone knew me, most of them
Were belonging to me.
I wasn’t twp, I knew I couldn’t
Get away with anything.
Dad would have had his hair off
If I used language to Bopa Joan
Or gave Mr Dee a mouthful
Or mitched school, even when the wimberries
Were ripe and tempting on the Bwlch.
I remember
Annie Dap, funny looking article
In her black daps –
Heard she’s been under the doctor
Bard in bed all week, poor dab;
And Dai-John, twti-ing down
By his butty Gerwyn
To fish out frog-spawn – ych-y-fi!
I remember the smell of cawl
As I ran across the kitchen oil-cloth,
(“Back now jest, Mam.”
“Wrap up warm then, fach.”)
Out the back and past the ty bach,
Through the gwyli where the new-born lamb
Cwtched to its mam,
Like I would cwtch to mine when I got home.

Notes: The prompt was to write a poem using the language of my childhood. The South Welsh dialect is a mix of Welsh and idiosyncratic English – you can find more  words and phrases at http://talktidy.com/



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