2016 Day 17 -Holidays of obligation

These are the holidays of obligation,
Binding and loosing a peculiar people,
Conferring a conditional immortality
On these episcopi vagantes, these wanderers,
In their beating of the bounds.
The books of discipline,
Deo gratias,
Have been forgotten for this feast of fools.
Abandoning the feeble fires
Of the calefactory,
They follow the beatific vision
And looking ahead
To an Eastward position
Raise their astonished voices in
The Canticle of the Sun.


Notes: The prompt was to write a poem that incorporates at least ten words from a specialized dictionary. I’ve used phrases rather than words, from the Concise Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church.

The list:

Holidays of Obligation
Binding and loosing
Peculiar people
Conditional immortality
Episcopi vagantes
Beating of the bounds
Books of discipline
Deo gratias
Feast of Fools
Beatific vision
Eastward position
The Canticle of the sun




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