2016 Day 13 – Fortune Cookie

Tired and bored in the Golden Rice Bowl,
The waiter decided to play a game:
Though he gave each diner a fortune cookie
The fortunes inside them were all the same.
He wanted to watch how the punters reacted,
The varied responses to one single text,
The future predicted on each slip of paper:
“What will happen to you will be what you expect”.
When the cookies cracked open and the slips were extracted
The first of the diners had a smile on his face.
“This means she’ll say yes,” he told his companions.
“I’ll ask her as soon as I’m home from this place.”
His neighbours expression was sombre and thoughtful.
“I hoped there’d be more, but truth to tell
Deep down I am certain the future’ll be boring
And this fortune confirms my convictions. Ah, well.”
The third burst out sobbing without explanation
While the fourth howled with laughter that just wouldn’t stop
And the fifth seemed enraged for no tangible reason,
Smashed his chopstick to pieces with one mighty chop.
The last of the diners surprised all by taking,
With a bow, a fresh cookie from under his hat
Which he gave to the waiter. The slip read, when opened:
“Just as I expected. I knew you’d do that.”


Notes: The prompt was to write a fortune cookie poem. I’d already written a fortune cookie poem for a previous NaPoWriMo, so I wanted to approach it a different way, hence this bit of frivolity.



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