2016 Day 8 (b) -Horticultural CSI

In the flower garden
Love lies bleeding.
Who’s the killer?
Basil the detective
is determined to find out.
Miss Daisy is quite hazy
about her whereabouts
and it’s peculiar
that Petunia
isn’t talking to Sweet William
(who looks a little flushed).
Black Eyed Susan
has some bruising,
but Violet isn’t violent
and Poppy’s voice is hushed,
Pansy’s getting antsy
and Jasmine’s very jumpy
so they might crack under questioning
with or without the hose.
Can he sniff out the motive?
Irate Iris? Jealous Jonquil?
Was Ivy just too clingy?
Perhaps Rose knows.


Notes: Just for fun!


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