2016 Day 2 – Picture This

You notice the ghosts first.
Dad’s smile exposes nicotine stained teeth
The way it used to do
Before he gave up tobacco
And smiling.
Behind him, Mamgu is large as life
And just as scary.
Gran and Grandpa were always quieter;
They pose, self-conscious,
In the background.

In double exposure, Mam blurs
From the grey haired old woman
To the shy young bride.
Beside her, time has changed her elder son
Into a bloated parody
Of her lost groom.
Her baby boy is child no longer:
His lined face bears witness.

There are conspicuous spaces
Where the grandchildren should be,
No matter how many
Photobombing intruders
Try to take their place.

And I?
I am a damaged lens.


Note: the prompt was to write a poem that takes the form of a family portrait. Easier for some than others…


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