2015 Day 21 – Rose-ish coloured spectacles

I know the sky is always blue
Despite the evidence
Of grey Manchester mornings
And grass is green
Even after weeks of drought
Or spraying with nasty chemicals.
I know birds always sing
In tuneful harmony
And refuse to hear
Any rough squawkings.
I know roses
Are always perfect
Without greenfly
Or thorns
And are never given
With ulterior motives.
I know food eaten standing up
Contains no calories
Nor do leftovers,
And fruit-flavoured lollipops
Are part of your five a day.
I know families
Never squabble
As they serve out
Their perfect Sunday dinner.
I know lovers never lie
Or pout or quarrel
And bluebirds swoop charmingly
Around their heads.
You may call me naive,
And perhaps that’s true
But I know for certain
Politicians are as honest
As the day is long –
In the Arctic Circle
At the winter solstice.

Note: The prompt was ‘I challenge to write a poem that states the things you know.’

2015 Day 21 (i)

I know
That bouquets of flowers
Won’t help the dead
Yet I am moved
By these tributes
From strangers to strangers –
A tiny touch of humanity.

Note: An ‘extra’ poem, for the people of Malta who gave flowers for the drowned migrants.


2015 Day 20 – Assorted landays.

Your words are as slippery as worms –
Pray God you don’t slime your way into another term.

You said you loved me with all your heart –
It turned out you wanted me with quite a different part.

Freedom called you from beyond the sea
But cold waters were the only welcome you received.

My mouth is dry, anticipating
The sweet wine of your kiss I’ve been so long awaiting.

Note: the prompt was to write  a landay. “Landays are 22-syllable couplets, generally rhyming. The form comes from Afghanistan, where women often use it in verses that range from the sly and humorous to the deeply sardonic and melancholy.”  I’ve attempted the landay in various moods.

2015 Day 19 – Urgent message

I am sending this by raven.
There is precedent;
They’re experienced messengers
Though a little headstrong.
(Doves, now, they’re another matter:
Co-operative as hell
But heads full of feathers.)
This isn’t the first time I’ve tried
To get the message through
But it may be the last.
I thought the floods might do it
Or the tornadoes.
Was I being too subtle?
The bees tried their best
To buzz it to you
But they had enough to do
Simply surviving.
I wrote it in the DNA
Of the Javan rhino
And the pawprints
Of the Amur leopard,
But you didn’t get it,
Not at all,
So let me spell it out
In raven caws
Before it’s too late.
You can’t go on like this.
I can’t go on like this.
Stop killing me.
What you destroy
Will come back to you

Note: The prompt was to write a poem which included an urgent journey and an important message. The journey is implied, but the message is both urgent and important.

2015 Day 18 – Breakfast with media

Use one teaspoon per cup.
Improve the lives of small scale sugar cane farmers.
The caffeine isn’t working.
Discover the delicious world of Gourmet Mon Petit,
What the other half are eating.
It still tastes like nothing else.

There are magpies outside my window.
They are loud.
I swore and shouted a lot.
Today is Bat Appreciation Day.

David Cameron is in trouble
But I think it was justified.
As women we must not become apathetic.
Our half price offer ends
Our children in impossible debt

New York’s a go-go and everything tastes nice
Henry VIII is travelling to the North West.
Brought more than presents back from Oxford.
Will you find out who is the killer?

I really need to do some laundry
My timeline seems to be inundated
with boxer shorts –
Just what the normal person wants to purchase
At a ‘travel oasis’

Best selfie of the day, and yes I am Welsh
My eyes are itching – I think I’m allergic
To the foam on the window frames
(For allergens see ingredients in bold.)

Sun’s shining but I bet it’s still cold out.
Do you act unusually around your cat?
Who do you love?
Why should I replace the truth with a simile?

Dance in the morning.
Do something nice,
A beautiful song
Like the weekend but with more notes.
That ain’t working, that’s the way to do it.
Music and memories from two featured years –
The perfect way to start your day.

Note: The prompt was to write a ‘social media’ style poem. My version of this is a mostly-found poem with lines from my Facebook news feed and Twitter feed mixed in with wording from food packets and bits of Planet Rock, with a few stray thoughts/could-be-status-posts of my own.

2015 Day 17 – Weaving her days, weaving her nights

From sleepless nights and painful days
She weaves a richer tapestry,
Brings colour to the winter’s greys.

Twisting the wordy threads to harmony,
The picture grows beneath her hands
She weaves a richer tapestry.

Twining her dreams into its strands.
From sunlit days and star-filled nights
The picture grows beneath her hands

In golds and greens and blues and whites,
The red of blood, glitter of tears
From sunlit days and star-filled nights.

From childhood terrors, weary years,
She weaves a web of fantasy
The red of blood, glitter of tears.

From deep despair and ecstasy,
From sleepless nights and painful days
She weaves a web of fantasy,
Brings colour to the winter’s greys.

Note: the prompt was to write a terzanelle, a form which is a hybrid of villanelle and terza rima and which I’d never tried before. The pattern of rhyme and repetition made me think of weaving, and so this was born.

2015 Day 16 – Dear verse

Dear verse,
It’s okay
To rant and rage and curse,
Be stubborn and perverse.
You’re mistaken
If you suppose your metre
Makes you sweeter
Than a rose
Or some finely-tuned prose.
It’s no crime
To eschew the use of rhyme
If the words you use have meaning,
Touch the heart,
Punch the gut
When form and meaning come together
Then your metric feet wear Docs,
You kick ass,
You rock.

Note: the prompt was “Today, I challenge you to write a poem that addresses itself or some aspect of its self.”

2015 Day 15 – Imagined conversation

I never knew until too late.

You should have known, you should have known.
You should have seen it in my eyes.
I felt so frightened and alone.

I should have seen it in your eyes.
I should have known, I should have known.

You’re sorry now, but it’s too late.
I had to make it on my own.

How could I know? You didn’t speak.

Would you have heard if I had spoken?

I’ll never know. I hope I would.

You hope? I lost my hope when trust was broken.

I wish I knew where you are now.

I wish that you had known back then
To read the story in my eyes.

I wish that we could speak again.

Note: the prompt was to write a poem which takes the form of a conversation. The first voice is mine.

2015 Day 14 – Riddle me this

I am a hydra-headed monster.
I am a room of fairground mirrors.
I am the place you learn compassion.
I am the source of your first terrors.
I am the kiln, the clay that made you.
I am the past that shaped your now.
I am the promise that betrayed you.
I am the love that kept its vow.
I am the beginning of your story.
I am the arms that held you tight.
I am the walls that kept you captive.
I am your safety in the night.
I am the field where your seed was sown.
I am your blood, your flesh, your bone.

Note: The prompt was to write a riddle poem.

2015 Day 13 – Scratching post

Little Miss Fluffball
Contemplates mortality
Sharpening her claws.

Note: Spent most of the day cold and stressed as people ripped out all my windows*, hence a poem off-prompt and brief. Tallulah (aka Little Miss Fluffball) got a new scratching post as compensation for the stress.

*They did replace them with new ones, eventually.