2015 Day 30 – To whom it may concern

The dream supplied last night
Was, frankly, disappointing,
Particularly in light
Of the three dreamless weeks
Which preceded it.
You’d think after all that wait
Something rather special
Would be delivered:
A tropical paradise
Or a fairy tale forest
With magic and mystery,
Perhaps a touch of the erotic
And definitely dragons.
I was full of anticipation
As I drifted off.
And then when it came down to it,
What did I get?
Stick insects!
(Giant stick insects, admittedly,
As if mere size could compensate
For banality.)
If I’d wanted bloody stick insects,
I’d have asked for them.
And no storyline to speak of,
Just walking up the path and down again,
Looking – well, sticky.
Oh, and then -the excitement!-
They all stopped walking
And turned into sticks.
What’s that about?
I would suggest
You change your scriptwriter
And your fairy dust supplier
Or else retire
From the dream business.

Note: the prompt was to write a poem which was a review. This one is somewhere between a review and a letter of complaint.

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