2015 Day 27 – Adam

It was inevitable, I suppose.
Cain was born angry,
conceived one sweaty night when, waking
From demon-ridden dreams,
I reached for Lilith and found only Eve.
He sprang howling from the womb,
His infant face reddened with rage,
As if he knew
How close he’d come to paradise
And how far fallen.
I tried, I really did –
He was my first-born, after all,
His daddy’s boy
And truth be told, I loved him best.
I could see
My own dark moods reflected in his scowl,
The angry tightness of his shoulders.
I never cared for Abel,
However much I wanted to. I saw
His mother’s mousy mildness in his ways,
Complaisant as his flocks.
No wonder God liked Abel best.
Poor Cain.

Note: The prompt was to write a persona poem. This one is a sequel to poems about Lilith and Eve which I wrote for an earlier NaPoWriMo, and is very much a work in progress.

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