2015 Day 21 – Rose-ish coloured spectacles

I know the sky is always blue
Despite the evidence
Of grey Manchester mornings
And grass is green
Even after weeks of drought
Or spraying with nasty chemicals.
I know birds always sing
In tuneful harmony
And refuse to hear
Any rough squawkings.
I know roses
Are always perfect
Without greenfly
Or thorns
And are never given
With ulterior motives.
I know food eaten standing up
Contains no calories
Nor do leftovers,
And fruit-flavoured lollipops
Are part of your five a day.
I know families
Never squabble
As they serve out
Their perfect Sunday dinner.
I know lovers never lie
Or pout or quarrel
And bluebirds swoop charmingly
Around their heads.
You may call me naive,
And perhaps that’s true
But I know for certain
Politicians are as honest
As the day is long –
In the Arctic Circle
At the winter solstice.

Note: The prompt was ‘I challenge to write a poem that states the things you know.’


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