2015 Day 19 – Urgent message

I am sending this by raven.
There is precedent;
They’re experienced messengers
Though a little headstrong.
(Doves, now, they’re another matter:
Co-operative as hell
But heads full of feathers.)
This isn’t the first time I’ve tried
To get the message through
But it may be the last.
I thought the floods might do it
Or the tornadoes.
Was I being too subtle?
The bees tried their best
To buzz it to you
But they had enough to do
Simply surviving.
I wrote it in the DNA
Of the Javan rhino
And the pawprints
Of the Amur leopard,
But you didn’t get it,
Not at all,
So let me spell it out
In raven caws
Before it’s too late.
You can’t go on like this.
I can’t go on like this.
Stop killing me.
What you destroy
Will come back to you

Note: The prompt was to write a poem which included an urgent journey and an important message. The journey is implied, but the message is both urgent and important.


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