2015 Day 18 – Breakfast with media

Use one teaspoon per cup.
Improve the lives of small scale sugar cane farmers.
The caffeine isn’t working.
Discover the delicious world of Gourmet Mon Petit,
What the other half are eating.
It still tastes like nothing else.

There are magpies outside my window.
They are loud.
I swore and shouted a lot.
Today is Bat Appreciation Day.

David Cameron is in trouble
But I think it was justified.
As women we must not become apathetic.
Our half price offer ends
Our children in impossible debt

New York’s a go-go and everything tastes nice
Henry VIII is travelling to the North West.
Brought more than presents back from Oxford.
Will you find out who is the killer?

I really need to do some laundry
My timeline seems to be inundated
with boxer shorts –
Just what the normal person wants to purchase
At a ‘travel oasis’

Best selfie of the day, and yes I am Welsh
My eyes are itching – I think I’m allergic
To the foam on the window frames
(For allergens see ingredients in bold.)

Sun’s shining but I bet it’s still cold out.
Do you act unusually around your cat?
Who do you love?
Why should I replace the truth with a simile?

Dance in the morning.
Do something nice,
A beautiful song
Like the weekend but with more notes.
That ain’t working, that’s the way to do it.
Music and memories from two featured years –
The perfect way to start your day.

Note: The prompt was to write a ‘social media’ style poem. My version of this is a mostly-found poem with lines from my Facebook news feed and Twitter feed mixed in with wording from food packets and bits of Planet Rock, with a few stray thoughts/could-be-status-posts of my own.


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