2014 Day 30 – Silver Eyes

‘Your silver eyes’ sounds like a metaphor
But isn’t.
You had them replaced
When you couldn’t bear to see
The world as it is.
Though technically
They are stainless steel,
So silver is, I guess, a metaphor
For steel.
Do I contradict myself?
But I do not contain
Whitman’s multitudes.
I contain only
The hollow gut of misgiving.
Can you taste the darkness?
You will take back your eyes,
Ma cherie,
When the flutterby brushes your eyelids.
On Alderley Edge
You will hear the song of the sirens.
Honey is cloying in the mouth
But the scent of lavender
Is drowsy with the drone of bees.
My eyes are not silver
And therefore
I must weep tears
Of stainless steel.


Note: This bit of weirdness is the result of partly following the “Twenty Little Poetry Projects” prompt. I didn’t get anywhere near the full twenty. 

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