2013 Day 4 – A Fine Disregard for Awkward Facts

She refuses to acknowledge awkward facts
like death, betrayal, trigonometry
or how squashing a cheese barm into her lunch box
will crush the Quavers. She’d rather think
about important things, like “Why are hiccups?”
or “What colour is Friday?”,
knows that rainbow sherbet is made with real rainbows
and a smile costs nothing, even in Tesco.

Knows that a smile costs everything, some mornings,
but smiles anyway
licking rainbows from her fingers
with a fine disregard
for awkward facts.


Notes: the prompt was to write a poem with a title drawn from an Iain M Banks spaceship name.


One response

  1. This is such a lovely, quite achingly beautiful poem. I love the tone of perseverance and fragility, choosing happiness and peace even when it is not convenient or desirous. Great poem. Great use of the prompt. I wasn’t able to come up with anything using the prompt, so it’s nice to see that there are poets who could. ^_^

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