Dandelions (Day 21)

It was the wrong bus to take –
If I’d waited, I’d have missed
The stop-start-stop of threading through the roadworks
And this walk at the other end.
The rucksack’s getting heavier with each step.
Still, it’s not raining yet.
The grass is splotched with dandelions.
They get everywhere.
Dent de lion –
Do lions have yellow teeth then?
Should see a dentist
Or use Pepsodent.
Sparrows bathing in a puddle,
Squabbling loudly –
They don’t mean anything by it.
No cats today, for a wonder –
Lucky for the sparrows.
The plants the council have put in
Are ugly as triffids,
Naked stems thrusting up obscenely.
I’d rather have the dandelions.
Nearly home now.
Ahead, a group of boys
Shout to each other though they’re close enough to touch.
They’re loud, but harmless,
Like sparrows
Or dandelions.


Notes: Not so much a poem as a stream of consciousness.

2 responses

  1. I enjoyed the stream of consciousness-ness of it. And I don’t see why that makes it less of a poem. I thought this was a very engaging piece.
    (Dent de lion is a reference to the toothed leaves of the plant, I think – not the flower… not that it matters! )

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