To a letter, a letter. (Day 18)

Dear epistle

This’ll surprise you, perhaps –
To learn how much
You bring me joy, and such
As I pick out your words
Like pomegranate seeds
And read
In clear heiroglyphs
An address
That I guess
Is a million miles from Stretford Road.
Your stamp,
A pretty one,
(Not a Penny Black,
This isn’t 1840)
Speaks to me of wide open spaces,
Of places I’ve not been yet
Though if the chance comes
I’m ready to run.


Today’s prompt is an epistolary poem — a poem in the form of a letter. In particular, I challenge you to write a poem addressing an inanimate object — Dear Headache, Dear Goldfish Bowl, etc. But that’s not all. Try to include at least 4 of the below in your poem:

1) a song lyric 2) a historical fact 3) an oddball adjective-noun combination (like red grass or loud silence) 4) a fruit 5) the name of a street in your neighborhood 6) a measure of distance.

I think I’ve covered all of them…  and I liked the idea of writing a letter to a letter.


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