Eve (Day 10)

He thinks that I don’t know,
Thinks I sleep peaceful as she rides his dreams.
If only –
Knowledge is a curse.
I hold my body rigid as a rib
Next to his sweating body,
Try not to listen to his sighs and moans.
I always knew i was at best the consolation prize,
But what choice did I have?
There was no other man for me, and so
I settled for her sloppy seconds.
I didn’t know,
I knew I didn’t know,
The ways to make his body sing
As she had.
When the snake tongued stranger offered
A taste of knowledge, I had hoped
To learn seductive secrets. The fruit was bitter.
I knew nakedness and cold
And his unjust and petulant anger,
Nothing more.
Homeless, banished,
Having no-one else, we cling together
While I nourish 
The killer growing underneath my heart.


Notes: As I had already written a persona poem for day 6, I was thinking of doing something off-prompt, but then i realised I could write a companion piece to the Lilith poem. So here’s Eve’s side of the story.


3 responses

  1. Really exciting to read your interpretation, felt so akin to the Lilith poem I’m working on at the moment that I got chills! I’ve written a short Lilith piece on the blog, but a longer piece where Lilith and Eve have a dialogue. ‘rigid as a rib,’ I like. Just need Adam’s piece now!

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