Study in scarlet (day 8)

She read his ad. “I’m a gent, a
Proper gent.” he said
“I’d give a million pounds for the right woman.
No gingers though.”
She admired his car, let him take her out
For a Ruby Murray
(She was cockney, like Alf Garnet),
Supped claret,
Let him buy her gifts:
He didn’t count the coppers.
“Is this car mine?” she blushed.

She gave her cherry.
Thought they had a future together.

Then she committed a cardinal offence
Dared to, as he called it, ‘whine’
When he left her marooned in town
While he went off with Rose the barmaid.

Too late, she saw her folly
As he gripped a brick
And grinned: “The alleys are in darkness.
a fitting place for ghouls”

Terror caught her.

They found her drowning in a crimson lake.

Notes: there are more reds in this than appear at first glance – only two lines don’t contain a red of some sort.

I’m not sure why it turned out so dark!




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