2014 Day 15 – Is This The Dream?

Is this the dream I broke for you?
Whose is the voice that haunts my sleep?
Is yours the touch that wakes my pain?
And would you do it all again?
Would you be mine, and mine to keep?
Is this the dream? I broke for you.


Note 1 – the prompt was to write a poem in which all the sentences except the last were questions.

Note 2 – I seem to be going through a phase of writing very short poems.

2014 Day 13 – The Cup That Cheers

“Friendship”, she said,
holding her cup delicately,
“is an aromatic beverage.
It is steeped in legend.
It is quite likely that many of you
enjoy friendship
on a regular basis.”
She took a careful sip.
“Friendship without milk
has no calories.
Friendship refreshes you in hot weather
by raising the body temperature
Of the many uses of friendship
one of the strangest
is a form of divination.
The best quality friendship
grows up high.”
“Is it possible”,
I queried cautiously,
nibbling a custard cream,
“that you mean tea?”
She hesitated,
took a second sip
and smiled:
“Tastes like friendship to me.”


Note:  the prompt was to write a “replacement” poem. “Pick a common noun for a physical thing, for example, “desk” or “hat” or “bear,” and then pick one for something intangible, like “love” or “memories” or “aspiration.” Then Google your tangible noun, and find some sentences using it. Now, replace that tangible noun in those sentences with your intangible noun, and use those sentences to create (or inspire) a poem. “

2014 Day 11 – Pay Now, Die Later

Come to McGhoulies
For your funeral needs,
For coffins and wreaths
And black widow’s weeds.
We’ll look after it all
When you draw your last breath.
Trust us – McGhoulies
Will be in at the death.

We’ve caskets so splendid
You’ll be proud to be dead,
A pillow of silk,
Under your head
And you’ll be relieved
When you draw your last breath
To know that McGhoulies
Are in at the death.

We’ll box you up neatly
In oak or in pine
We’ll touch up your make-up
So you’re looking fine.
It’s a comfort to know
when you draw your last breath
That the firm of McGhoulies
Are in at the death.

Pay now and die later
You know it makes sense.
If you set up a plan
you’ll save a few pence
Your kin will be grateful
When you draw your last breath
You’ve paid for McGhoulies
To be in at the death.


Note: the prompt was to write an advertisement-poem. I thought I’d advertise a firm of undertakers. (Any resemblance to any actual firm…etc., etc)

2014 Day 10 – Random songs

You were never meant to stay
In this dirty old town,
Couldn’t keep you down
Or hold you back
When you were born to go.
Sharp as a Chelsea dagger,
Bright as the sun on snow,
Landslide of laughter,
Creator of chaos come healing,
Stealing hearts and kisses.
You left in the dark
And took the light.
I’ll miss you.


Note: the prompt was to take any random song play list and use the next five song titles on that randomized list in a poem. I will leave the identity of the song titles as an exercise for the reader…

2014 Day 8 – Slippery when wet



Like a lover’s tongue you slide,
Glide over my wet skin
Intoxicating scent
Tingles my senses,
Goes deep,
Under my fingers soft-hard,
Seeking out
Each curve and crevice.
I fall asleep
With your scent lingering
On my warm body.
Drowsy, I reach for you
When I wake - 
But know without a doubt
There will be others
When I have worn you out.


Note: The prompt was to write a love poem for an inanimate object. This is more of a lust poem, but close enough.

2014 Day 7 Windows

through the round window

she saw her mother waving

under the ‘o’ of a full moon


through the square window

she saw her father leaving

shoulders straight as boxes


through the arched window

she saw God, told no-one

hugging her secret like a teddy bear


Note: I didn’t exactly follow the prompt, which was about things you can see out of your window, but at least there are windows…


2014 Day 6 Ice. Broken.

You said I was your sugar plum, your candy
And we all know how appealing candy is.
You thought that saying this would make things dandy;
You thought your metaphor had won me, but
I said “You’re my intoxicant, my liquor,
And we all know how destructive liquor is.
Let’s end this whole thing now. It’s quicker.”



Today’s prompt was to write a “golden shovel”. ‘This form was invented by Terrance Hayes in his poem, The Golden Shovel. The last word of each line of Hayes’ poem is a word from Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem We Real Cool. You can read Brooks’ poem by reading the last word of each line of Hayes’ poem!’ The poem I have used is ‘Reflection on Ice-breaking” by Ogden Nash. (I may try a longer one later…)